12 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks For Smoothie Lovers

S4ri Kum

While the title is very similar to the Starbucks official Strawberry Crème Frappuccino, it is an incredibly different beverage. Where the Strawberry Crème Frappuccino is creamy and almost reminiscent of a strawberry cheesecake dessert, this Starbucks secret menu drink, called Strawberries and Cream, is more like a refreshing smoothie.

To order our original creation (yes, props for creating this recipe), order a tall Pink Drink Starbucks Refreshers blended with ice, two pumps of vanilla syrup, whipped cream, and freeze-dried strawberry inclusions (what Starbucks calls those bits of fruit toppings) on top of the whipped cream. If you’re not a coconut milk fan, which is the default with the Pink Drink, order this with the milk of your choice. This delicious strawberry creation is more smoothie than slushy, so if you’re looking for something icier, this isn’t the beverage for you. But, if you’re on the hunt for a classic strawberry smoothie from Starbucks, this is the one. 

The good thing about this original secret menu drink is that it probably won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Yes, the strawberry flavor is timeless (and amazing for every season, we would argue). What really blows this drink out of the water is that it seems like the Pink Drink is popular enough that it’s here to stay. You likely won’t have to worry about this specific flavor of refreshers being discontinued in the near future. 


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