7 frozen dessert and drink recipes to beat the heat


While some people think Labor Day is the end of summer, we still have a few weeks left before the season officially ends. To celebrate, here are recipes for all manner of frozen treats, including desserts and drinks, to help keep you cool and bring a hint of joy. Looking for more? Head to the Recipe Finder for additional ideas.

Summer Fruit Semifreddo, above. What is a semifreddo? “Translated directly, semifreddo means partially frozen, and this dessert, unearthed on a plate like a pastel loaf of slowly melting fruit and cream, is something like the lazy person’s ice cream,” Hannah Selinger writes for The Post. Selinger’s recipe works with any stone fruit or berry and ditches the fussiness of a cooked custard, making it that much easier to prepare.

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Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Ice Cream Bars. To this day I’m still filled with glee at the sound of an ice cream truck, but making your own frozen treats can be just as fun as running outside to purchase your favorite concoction. In this recipe from cookbook author Jessie Sheehan, “softened store-bought vanilla ice cream is spread over an easy, no-bake, slightly salty, pretzel crust.” I’m sold — are you?

Any Fruit Sorbet. “Sorbet’s thirst-quenching quality can feel as if it’s infusing life back into you on a hot, hot day,” assistant recipes editor Olga Massov writes. Her dump-and-blend formula ditches simple syrup and relies on corn syrup as part of the sweetener for “luscious sorbet with superior scoop-ability.”

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Rocket Pops. These red, white and blue rocket pops are made from fresh fruit and a homemade vanilla pudding. They last for up to a week in the freezer, so make them now and enjoy them for the days to come.

Vanilla Ice Cream. There are tons of vanilla ice cream recipes in the world, but this one stands out for its inclusion of goat milk, which adds just the right amount of tang.

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Espresso Martini Granita. “Inspired by the popular cocktail, this dessert is so simple, inexperienced cooks with few tools and small kitchens can succeed with this pretty-enough-for-company dessert without breaking a sweat,” cookbook author Anna Francese Gass writes for The Post.

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Classic Frozen Margarita. There’s nothing like a frozen marg on a hot day. While I’m sure we’ve all sipped versions of varying quality, this recipe proves why the drink is a classic.