Best Japanese Food at Disney World

If you are a fan of Japanese food and love to map out where you will dine on delicious cuisine on your next Walt Disney World vacation, this article is for you. We’ve covered Italian cuisine, Mexican food, Latin food, French food, and eating some of the best Chinese food at Walt Disney World Resort, so it stands to reason that now we need to narrow down some of the best Japanese dishes in the Parks. 

Japan Pavilion

Credit: Disney

The good news is that you don’t have to fly to Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea to chow down on mouthwatering Japanese cuisine, there are excellent options around Walt Disney World. As always, this is an imperfect list and there may be Disney vacation favorites that we have missed. That said, hopefully, this list will give you a starting point as you plan where you should enjoy Japanese food on your Walt Disney World vacation.

Build Your Own Poke Bowl


Credit: Disney

This food Japanese food isn’t actually even in a Disney Park. No need to buy a ticket, just head over to Disney Springs to enjoy YeSake Kiosk. Located on the west side of Disney Springs is a global-inspired kiosk that has fresh, healthy, and customizable bowls that are a fusion of Asian and Japanese cuisine. This is an excellent spot for a hearty snack or a meal, and is a crowd favorite because of its more affordable (for Disney World) price tag. Most menu items come in at around $14.99 or less, per adult.

We recommend you try a delicious and fresh Build Your Own Poke Bowl. We know what you are thinking. There is some debate on whether poke should be classified as a Hawaiian or Japanese cuisine and while the dish definitely has a Hawaiian history the sushi-grade salmon and other aspects of the dish are heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine. The fresh flavorful ingredients plus the convenience of this adorable stand make an ahi tuna or a sliced beef poke bowl a no-brainer during a day at Disney Springs!


Credit: Disney

We recommend the Fresh Ahi Tuna bowl, which is served with fluffy jasmine rice and seasonal greens and finished with your choice of additional toppings or creamy sauces. Choose from toppings like lettuce, cucumber, cabbage, pickled red ginger, tempura crunch, spinach, onion, and cheese. Flavorful sauces like sweet teriyaki, wasabi ponzu, roasted sesame, sriracha, Korean BBQ, spicy mayo, and spicy poke sauce.

My favorite part of this menu is the price- because all these delicious poke bowls come in at $12.00. We love stopping by this stan for a fresh and healthier meal option on vacation. Top off the meal with a seasonal slushy for $8 and add a shot of sake for an extra $3, after all, you are on vacation!

Spicy Salmon Sushi Roll


Credit: Morimoto Asia

When you think Japanese cuisine — you think sushi, and boy do we have a great recommendation. You can snag great sushi rolls elsewhere on the Disney Property as well (I’m looking at you, EPCOT World Showcase), but we are especially fond of the sushi options at the Disney Springs hot dining spot – Morimoto Asia.

 A collaboration between Japanese Master Chef Masaharu Morimoto and Disney, Morimoto Asia is a Disney Springs staple. Located at The Landing at Disney Springs, Guests love the open dining space and the way this pan-Asian restaurant brings you into the action by allowing you to see the inside of the kitchen through the glass walls. Sushi makings such an art form, and having the opportunity to watch the magic happen makes a dining experience even more special for Guests.


Credit: Disney

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily and serves a variety of Asian cuisine. My favorite sushi roll on this menu is the spicy salmon roll with succulent salmon, fresh scallions, and creamy spicy mayo. The shrimp tempura roll and spider rolls are other excellent selections. Prices run from around $16 to around $19 per roll, depending on the type you select.

Choose a roll to share as an appetizer for the table or select a few to serve as your main course. If you have never before tried sushi and are looking to get adventurous, Morimoto Asia is the best place to take the plunge and try this new food. Newbies should consider starting off with a California roll that is stuffed with cucumber, fresh avocado, and blue crab meat.



Credit: Disney

The Japan Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase is an excellent place to sample all the Japanese food you have been craving. Start your dining tour of this pavilion by vising the Kabuki Café for kakigōri to beat the heat. If kakigōri is new to you, think of a powdery and yummy shaved ice topped with your selected fruit flavor. These are excellent light, refreshing, and cheap treats to enjoy during a day at EPCOT.

Flavors include melon, strawberry, cherry, tangerine, and blue raspberry — or you could go all out and get a rainbow kakigōri with all the flavors! Best of all, this treat is only $5.50! Snag one on your next visit and kick back on a bench in the Japan pavilion to people-watch and relax.

Kabuki Café is also an excellent place to snag a few sushi rolls for a snack. They offer California Roll, Nigiri Combo with salmon, tuna, and shrimp, and a spicy roll with a spicy tuna and salmon mix. All the rolls in at around $6 making this a deliciously healthy and affordable snack.

Shrimp Tempura Udon


Credit: Disney

Katsura Grill ranks among my favorite quick-service dining options in EPCOT World Showcase. I love dining in the Japanese courtyard behind the restaurant and I’ve enjoyed most of the menu on visits to this restaurant over the years. This menu offers sushi rolls, salads noodles, and teriyaki dishes cooked and served fresh.

As a self-proclaimed noodle-junkie, I am a huge fan of the shrimp tempura udon noodle bowl at Katsura Grill. Coming in at only $13.00 this dish serves up thick and springy udon noodles in a shrimp broth with fresh parsley and a tempura-fried shrimp atop the dish. This dish really hits the spot and is perfectly paired with an order of Yuzu Miso Chicken Wings to share.

Kimonos and Kimonos Lounge in The Swan Hotel is another delicious spot for table service Japanese food at Walt Disney World. Teppan Edo provides a hibachi table service experience many Guests love and Yak & Yeti Restaurant and other Asian and Asian fusion restaurants around the Disney property offer great Japanese dishes on their menus. There are so many delicious Japanese options to choose from. Which eatery will you try first?

Our Picks For Some Of the Best Japanese Food at Disney World