Best Travel Destinations for Foodies

The survey results are in for Americans’ favorite destinations for food travel. And its foodie places south of the border that Americans still enjoy most.

To determine the best worldwide cuisine tasted on vacation, VacationRenter queried 1,000 (primarily) experienced epicurean travelers to crowdsource favorite food locales. Results revealed Mexico as the favorite country for foodies, but the survey did not stop with Central America. A recent release of findings from the vacation rental company unveils some fun facts and an interesting global road map for foodie travelers and brand-new gastronomic adventurers.

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Favorite Foodie Places in Europe

Italy and France finished a close (respective) first and second place for the best food in Europe. This should come as no great revelation given Italy’s vast edible spread and France’s reputation as the creator of Western cooking. In order to become a skilled chef in the U.S., extensive knowledge of French fundamentals is required.

What was a mild bombshell was that the United Kingdom found itself in third for Europe. English fare can be considered a somewhat bland, fried effort, but London does offer some of the world’s best restaurants, so perhaps food experts tilted VacationRenter’s queries toward the city. That’s certainly what a quoted surveyee said from one of London’s more affluent communities: “I ate at Gordon Ramsey’s flagship restaurant in Chelsea. I had a white wine risotto. It changed my life.”

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Favorite Foodie Places in South America

Argentina and Brazil dwarfed the field for best South American grub, though this wasn’t much of a contest. Succulent steak, rich cheese, and rich sauces dominate the rest of the countries’ neighbors just as much as its dual borders dominate the landmass.

Favorite Foodie Places in Asia

In a somewhat surprising twist, Vietnam did not make the list, leaving Singapore and Thailand to represent the best food in Southeast Asia. Singapore’s city-state is renowned for its seafood while Thai food is so delicious that it’s ubiquitous throughout the Western world.

Japan beat out China, Hong Kong, and Korea in the sprint for best East Asian fare with the latter two nations not even appearing on the list. Only 46% of people said that Japan had the best food in the region and 39% said China, so it would seem this was a more well-distributed answer to the question of countries with the best food. Japanese food can also be extreme, as described by one survey responder.

“I ate a live squid dish in Japan. It was still alive and moving,” VacationRenter quoted the volunteer.

Favorite Foodie Place in the World

It was Mexico, though, that dominated the results. Mexican food was the most popular among Millennials, the most likely to be recreated at home, and a favorite international destination for dining. According to Statista’s projected 2021 restaurant industry retail stats, 44% of Americans, almost every other person, purchase Mexican food at retail establishments. From street food to Michelin-star restaurants, the country is a culinary capital. This fact was also backed by the review of international foods. Of 1,000 people participating, fully 66% say that Mexico has the best food in Middle America. Considering that its borders once encompassed much of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, Mexico is as much a part of American culture as New England or the Pacific Northwest.

Over half the people surveyed described themselves as ‘Absolutely’ foodies with only 16% who did not agree with the label. Nearly six in ten subjects have dined in a Michelin-starred restaurant. Multiple sources assert that adding just one Michelin star to a restaurant can drive business up 20%. And two stars doubles that jump. With an expert foundation, VacationRenter’s findings form a legit guide.

To find more details and find Michelin-starred suggestions, dig into the survey below.

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