Cheesecake FTW! Starbucks has new Cheesecake Frappuccino on menu

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(1st UPDATE) The 5 new summer drinks include Strawberry Raspberry Cheesecake Frappuccino and Hazelnut Mocha Cheesecake Latte

MANILA, Philippines – “Cheat the heat” this summer with new seasonal beverages from Starbucks Philippines, starring a new indulgent cheesecake flavor and the addition of fruity cold brew!

Starting Tuesday, June 7, you can order five new summer drinks from Starbucks’ menu: Strawberry Raspberry Cheesecake Latte, Strawberry Raspberry Cheesecake Cream Frappuccino, Hazelnut Mocha Cheesecake Latte, Hazelnut Mocha Cheesecake Frappucino, and Honey Ruby Grapefruit Cold Brew.


The Strawberry Raspberry Cheesecake Latte is a hot or iced espresso-based beverage with the fruity flavors of both berries, topped with a creamy tangy-sweet cheesecake sauce, while the Strawberry Raspberry Cheesecake Cream Frappuccino pairs the berries and cream cheese sauce with a white chocolate topping and graham cracker crumbs as its base.


The Hazelnut Mocha Cheesecake Latte is available hot and iced, using espresso and milk with “flavors of hazelnut and light cream cheese,” topped with whipped cream, mocha sauce drizzle, and white chocolate shreds. The Hazelnut Mocha Cheesecake Frappucino pairs the creamy cheese sauce with mocha powder and hazelnut syrup.


For fans of coffee and fruity flavors, the Honey Ruby Grapefruit Cold Brew is a fruity twist on Starbucks’ cold brew with bits of grapefruit and honey for added sweetness.

All drinks are available in Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes starting at P175 until P210.

Along with the new refreshments, Starbucks Philippines also added new summer food items to their menu: Banana Chocolate Chip Loaf (P65), Carrotita Cake (P185), Chocolate Cream Marble Cheesecake (P220), Fussili Baked Salmon (P195), High-Fiber Meatless Adobo Roll (P90), Spinach and Zucchini Quiche (P65), Mixed Roots Chips in Smoked Barbeque and Sea Salt (P60), and Mixed Nuts Bar (P105).

Starbucks’ new Summer 2022 beverages and food are available in all Starbucks stores nationwide, as well via GrabFood and foodpanda. – with reports from Elle Guison/

Elle Guison is a Rappler intern.

Cheesecake FTW! Starbucks has new Cheesecake Frappuccino on menu

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