Customize Iced Coffees and Cold Beverages with the Starbucks Summer Menu Remix

Customizing beverages is at the heart of the Starbucks Experience, and there are many ways for customers to customize their drink to meet their unique taste preferences. This week, the home screen on the Starbucks app will feature a Summer Menu Remix, which features cold beverages that offer a fun, new way to customize, or “remix” the beverage.

The Summer Menu Remix features the following drink customizations:

To add cold foam to a beverage: Select your favorite drink, click “customize” and click “add cold foam” under the Toppings category.

To request a drink blended: Select your favorite drink, click “customize” and click “add blended” under the Preparation Method.

To line the cup with caramel or mocha sauce: Can’t get enough caramel? Request to line the cup with caramel sauce by selecting your favorite drink, click “customize” and click “add line the cup” under the Add-ins category.

To add lemonade to other beverages: Seeking refreshment? Select your favorite drink, click “customize” and click “add lemonade” under the Lemonade category.

Customers have many other ways to customize their beverages year-round when ordering in-store or in the Starbucks app including adding extra shots of espresso, adding whipped cream, and more (extra charge may apply).

Not a Starbucks Rewards member yet? Joining is simple, customers just need their name, e-mail address and a password to create an account for Starbucks Rewards. Go to or, or to the Starbucks app and follow the prompts to create an account.