Momo Sushi and Grill opens on West Republic Road in Springfield

S4ri Kum

Momo Sushi and Grill, a Japanese restaurant that started in Branson, has expanded with a new location at 2767 W. Republic Road in Springfield.

Tommie Baker, who co-owns the restaurant with Roy Han, said she is feeling excited and nervous about the new venture.

Baker started her career as a sous-chef at the Hilton in Branson before going on to own the Tai Kitchen restaurant in Branson, which she recently sold.

Baker is a Springfield resident and said she picked the West Republic Road location because it is in an area of the city she believes is growing.

What’s on the menu?

The Springfield menu is slightly different from the Branson location, Baker said, with the addition of some ramen dishes.

Baker said Momo Sushi and Grill has an expansive menu, but some of the most popular dishes include the Momo platter, firecracker, tonkostu ramen and brûlée cheesecake for dessert.

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