Police arrest fast-food workers during rally

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Fast-food workers gathered to demand higher wagers and safer work conditions.

SAN DIEGO — Protestors gathered outside of the Jack in the Box headquarters Thursday morning, demanding higher pay, and better working conditions.

“We need a voice at the table where we’re respected with dignity. We need to know we’re safe at work we need to be able to live,” said Crystal Orozco. She said she works at McDonald’s and has been working in the fast-food industry for 15 years.

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Around 9 am, protestors gathered at the intersection of Spectrum Center Boulevard and Ruffin Road. The police declared it an unlawful assembly. 14 people refused to move and were arrested.

Protestors say today’s gathering is part of a statewide effort by fast-food workers for improved working conditions. They want legislators to pass AB 257, a bill that they say would give cooks and cashiers a voice on the job to address issues like wage theft, violence, excessive heat, and threats of retaliation and intimidation.

Orozco said the pandemic made it clear to them just how much they need a seat at the table.

“I had my coworker get spit on one shift. It was frustrating. All [management] did was give us a letter saying ‘Thank you for being professional.’’ And a $20 gift certificate. I don’t think that was right,” she said.

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AB 257 passed the state assembly. It now heads to the state senate.


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