Project B brings Japanese food passion to M+ Museum Shop

Art and creative platform Project B has collaborated with the M+ Museum Shop to foster cultural exchange for food between Japan and Hong Kong. Also known as “Food Connects”, the collaboration has introduced over 40 artists from Japan and Hong Kong to express their love and passion for food. From 6 September until 30 October, visitors can get a taste of Japanese food and culture when they stop by the M+ Museum Shop.

Powered by local ad agency Turn Creative, the project aims to offer markers, clients and consumers a unique experience of cultural exchange between Hong Kong and Japan, by introducing creative retail products, paintings and decorations created by innovative artists from the two regions. Many of the products are limited editions.

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In terms of marketing strategies, Project B is a branding campaign for Turn Creative, and the vision of Turn Creative is to make the world a more beautiful place with advertising. “The market is changing rapidly every day, especially in recent years. The definition of advertising become blurry and unidentified. We need to explore new ways of doing branding and the way of making an impact on the market. More importantly, as an advertising agency, keep reinforcing your own positioning and value,” said Tony Hon, executive creative director at Turn Creative. 

Project B will cooperate with M+ Shop to use online channels and KOLs mainly to promote the campaign. There will also be a two months Instagram campaign with over 50 reels, posts and stories, according to Hon. “As an advertising creative director, I am a big fan of branding and trends. However, there is a difference between following the trend and following the crowd. As a marketer, proving and demonstrating your own value and creativity is essential. After all, branding is about identity. The question is, do you believe in brands?” Hon added. 

Founded in 2005, Turn Creative is a creative-led independent communication agency, specialising in building brands and creating brand preferences. It aims to design campaigns from a brand’s perspective, but not restricting itself in creating TVC, print, OOH, social, activation or online campaigns.

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