The Death Of Alastair Little Has The Food World Shaken

Chefs, food critics, and industry professionals inspired by the life of Alastair Little are mourning a great loss after the chef dubbed the “godfather of modern British cooking” passed away (via Evening Standard). Although his popularity was at its height in the 1980s and 90s, Chef Little’s focus on simple cooking dictated by the changing seasons continues to influence today’s food industry.

Alastair Little didn’t need to attain the celebrity chef status that many well-known chefs of today have achieved to be considered a forceful influencer of modern cuisine. Evening Standard food critic Fay Maschler noted that Little’s contributions to the industry 40 years ago “still inspire and reverberate–perhaps at even a higher volume” today.

Food journalist Dan Saladino tweeted about the loss of a chef he called a “champion of simple, authentic, and generous food.” Nigella Lawson joined an ever-increasing number of industry professionals tweeting their condolences to the family and remembering the legacy left behind by acclaimed Chef Alastair Little.