United Airlines Swaps Ice Cream For Milk Bar Birthday Truffle Cake

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If you’re flying longhaul in economy or premium economy class on United Airlines next month, expect a birthday truffle cake from Milk Bar in place of ice cream or gelato for dessert.

Milk Bar Birthday Truffle Cake Coming To United Airlines

For many years now, United has offered some form of ice cream (sometimes gelato or sherbet) as the dessert in economy class on longhaul flights. While it seems like we’ve been stuck with lemon sorbet for years (admittedly, not my favorite…) we’ve seen all sorts of ice cream in economy class served in individual-size cups.

But starting on October 1, 2022, United will begin offering a new dessert in both economy and premium economy (Premium Plus)classes on most longhaul flights, a Milk Bar Birthday Truffle Cake.

These packaged treats will be placed on trays and avoid the provision of dry ice in the main cabin on most longhaul flights, including all outbound flights from the USA, except to India, and most inbound flights.

Flights from Europe, South Africa, and Ghana to the USA will still offer ice cream during the main meal service. Furthermore, flights to and from India will still offer ice cream.

It is not clear if this is a limited partnership, experiment, or simply a cost-cutting measure. A memo reviewed by Live and Let’s Fly does not mention a rationale for this change.

Part of me thinks this is a logical response to the complaints I hear all the time—either that the ice cream is too hard or melted like soup. Of course, proper use of dry ice can prevent this, but with United flights running at minimum flight attendant levels, that may take an extra pair of hands that are not on the flight.


I’ve never tried these desserts so I cannot say whether this is good news or bad news, but it seems to me that almost everyone loves vanilla or chocolate ice cream. 

Have you tried the Milk Bar Birthday Truffle Cake?

United Airlines Swaps Ice Cream For Milk Bar Birthday Truffle Cake

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