World Food Program warns of a looming global catastrophe

David Beasley:

It’s heartbreaking. You can’t believe this has happened in 2022.

And here we are with — you just came out of — you have got conflict. You have climate shocks. You have COVID economic ripple effect. Then you got oil prices, lack of fertilizer, and the Ukrainian crisis just on top of everything. It’s like a tsunami on top of a tsunami.

I was just in — literally the last few days, in the drought-stricken areas of Somalia, as well as Northern Kenya, and as well as Ethiopia. And many of these places make, their livelihood is 100 percent livestock. And their livestock are dying by the millions as we speak.

And I literally was talking to mothers and fathers who were just heartbroken. They have no money. They have no hope. I said, what happens if the World Food Program is not there, if we don’t come in with relief?

And mother after mother said, we will start dying like the animals.

And, Nick, if we don’t come in, it’s not just that people will die. You will have destabilization, radicalization, and you will have mass migration. And these alone will cause 1,000 times more than coming in and helping people stabilize their lives and giving them some hope at a time like this.