World Record Broken for Most Fast-Food Restaurants Visited in Under 24 Hours

For two social media stars, teamwork makes their world-record dreams work.

On Aug. 20, chefs and social media stars Nick DiGiovanni and Lynn Davis appeared in a video documenting their Aug. 10 attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most fast food restaurants visited in 24 hours. DiGiovanni is a former “MasterChef” finalist with 6.4 million YouTube subscribers and 9.1 million followers on TikTok, and Davis hosts multi-platform culinary show “Cooking with Lynja” and has 3.88 million subscribers and 12 million followers on TikTok.

The pair already achieved two other world records: one for the World’s Largest Cake Pop, which ended up weighing over 97 pounds, and the World’s Largest Chicken Nugget, which clocked in at a little over 46 pounds. To reach their intended goal, they would have to beat the benchmark reached by the last record-holder who hit up a whopping 50 restaurants.

DiGiovanni and Davis also had to follow some rules set by Guinness World Record officials. In order to achieve the record for the most fast-food restaurants visited in 24 hours, both had to travel together at all times, meaning that they could not separate to hit more restaurants.

Also, one food or drink item had to be purchased and consumed at each location. Finally, the GPS coordinates for each location had to be submitted in order for the records to be properly verified.

DiGiovanni and Davis chose to attempt their third world record in Manhattan, starting in Times Square at a McDonald’s where they shared a McGriddle. Sharing many of the items they bought with passers-by and folks who held the door open for them (per the rules, DiGiovanni and Davis didn’t need to be the people consuming the food or drink), the whole event took roughly 7 hours and 15 minutes, according to Guinness World Record officials. The journey was approximately 8 miles all on foot, so everyone involved at least worked off some of the calories they consumed that day.

Davis and DiGiovanni celebrating their win with a Wendy's fries shower.
Davis and DiGiovanni celebrating their win with a Wendy’s fries shower.Nick DiGiovanni via YouTube

In addition to DiGiovanni and Davis’ film crew following the team around, in attendance was Guinness World Records adjudicator Andrew Glass, to ensure all guidelines were adhered to during the attempt and no rules were broken. One thing that did break, though, was an elevator at one point in the middle of the video between locations 40 (an Au Bon Pain) and 41 (a McDonald’s), but they ended up unscathed, losing only a few precious moments.

After all was said and done, DiGiovanni and Davis hit up 69 separate locations, moving from more well-known fast food joints like Burger King and Dunkin’ to deep fast-food cuts like Mooyah, Chop’t and Paris Baguette.

The chefs even ended up hitting Carvel — even though DiGiovanni is lactose intolerant — so he lets Davis enjoy the frozen treat. After apple pies, munchkins, burgers and pizza, their final location, No. 69, was at a Wendy’s, a fast food chain that appropriately was first established in 1969.

Though clearly exhausted when they accept their certificate from Glass, DiGiovanni and Davis are already thinking towards the future and end their video by asking the audience which food record they should beat next. Here’s hoping they grab some Tums before they embark on their next record-breaking adventure.